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    Sacramento is undergoing something of a cultural renaissance with its numerous microbreweries, farm-to-fork restaurants, trendy boutiques, and gastropubs, as well as Golden 1 Center – the new-ish home of the Sacramento Kings. It also has a vibrant art scene; the colorful murals that adorn the walls of Midtown Sacramento are well worth a visit. - Lonely Planet


    Team Building Sacramento Food Tours

    Food Tour Reviews

    Here's what people are saying:

    Happy Birthday Surprise Midtown Sacramento


    Gary and I had an amazing time on our tour!

    We went to all new places and thoroughly enjoyed each dish and drink!

    We enjoyed the journey just as much.

    The little touches such as having the owners come to talk to us plus the ribbon and name tags just added a wonderful touch to an already amazing event!

    I can't thank you enough for making Gary's special day even more special!

    Thank you again!



    Lesley and Gary D.

    Happy Birthday Surprise Midtown Sacramento Tour August 5, 2018


    Sacramento Food Tour Reviews #TeamBuilding


    Team Building Food Tour

    Thank you again for the food tour experience last week. The team had a nice time and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Robert was very knowledgeable and a pleasant tour guide.




    Thank you,


    Louise B.

    Adventist Health



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    Why Go on a Food Tour?

    What is the one thing we all have in common?


    We all love FOOD!!

    Food has a magical effect on people. It makes them feel real good.

    I get way too much happiness from good food

    Elizabeth Olsen


    People who always eat are the best people


    Julia Child

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    What is a Food Tour?


    A city's most defining characteristics are food, cultural traditions and architecture. What if you could savor all of them at the same time?

    You absolutely can!

    You can eat your way through Sacramento’s Food Tasting Tours which does just that... giving you an exclusive taste of the specialty shops and ethnic restaurants in Sacramento.

    In between ethnic enclaves and delicious food tastings that will satisfy even the heartiest appetites, you’ll get an "insider's view" of the culture, history and architecture that defines the "In Season Sacramento" slogan.

    Enjoy a memorable Sacramento food tour experience with our entertaining, passionate and humorous food tour guides each of whom lives in the areas that you will explore.

    You’ll meet and engage with our local food artisans and restaurant owners while indulging yourselves with a unique culinary insight and delicious foods.

    Be sure to join us at the beginning of your trip so you’ll have the confidence to continue enjoying Sacramento’s food tours outside of the food tour.

    midtown sacramento arts & food tour, Team Building




    What is the Food Tasting Network?


    As the premier, food tasting, and food touring company serving Sacramento, California (Sacramento Food Tours), and Austin, Texas (Austin Food Tours) – The Food Tasting Network has prepared something incredibly unique for our touring friends with the Private Sacramento Food Tours!


    Tease your tastebuds as we bring to life the Sacramento neighborhoods while you savor mouth-watering foods from award winning restaurants. Celebrate this unique, wonderful food and cultural experience.


    You are lead by an entertaining, knowledgeable, Sacramentan Tour Guide to full-service restaurants. The food tour can include restaurants such as Guy Fieri’s favorite from the Food Network and award winning restaurants noted by the Sacramento Business Journal where all food ingredients are from local sources and recycled. As Guy Fieri says about his favorite food " Out of control". Your taste buds will be experiencing off the hook signature entree food and dessert tastings prepared by the passionate culinary chefs. And Yes, some of the foods are….. A one of a kind delight. The desserts are made from scratch and lots of them overflowing with chocolate decadence! As you enjoy your 2.5 to 3 tour strolling' from restaurant to restaurant and catching the Sacramento vibe and discover the cool hidden gems you will also learn from our entertaining tour guides about the history and culture of Sacramento itself.


    Join us on our Sacramento Food Tour today for a memorable food tasting, food touring experience that will nourish your culinary curiosities for years to come!

    Sacramento Food Tours Team Building


    How do food and team building go hand in hand?

    We specialize in private parties and corporate-endorsed team-builder events. Studies have shown that the most successful company team-builder events are those where food is included at the event. It dates back to when the Kings and Queens would have events and food was always included to even today for example, with Google all events and activities are surrounded by food. History repeats itself.


    What better way to motivate your team and draw them closer together as individuals and as a group to go on a fun, adventurous food tour where everyone gets a taste of the best local eateries around the Sacramento area.

    Sacramento-based, Food Tasting Network / Food Adventures will bring your private group on a customized food tour that is sure to deliver the finest food and the most amount of fun to your team-builder event! In addition to the best entree's from some of the local, recognized eateries, there is something uniquely special about walking the corridors of Sacramento.

    It’s here in Sacramento where the pulse of the historic city resonates with the rhythms of the “live music”. Sacramento’s vibrant scene has gained worldwide acclaim especially now that the Golden One Arena and the cultural buzz surrounding this trendy, tech-savvy town make it conducive to business networking, food tourism and of course, team-builder events!

    When you tour with the Food Tasting Network and Sacramento Food Adventures, you are partnering with the best team in Sacramento for hosting your corporate team-building / private event! We will serve you up an entrée of organized fun, pass along the plate of culinary creativity from the best local eateries in Sacramento.

    The Food Tasting Network and Sacramento Food Adventures welcome you to reserve your next company team-builder event with us for a completely unique and positive, unifying experience. We go beyond the ordinary tour to create something memorable and momentous that will benefit your group for years to come! Fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


    The Chef, Farm To Fork Sacramento Food Tours

    A Fun Afternoon of Sightseeing and Delicious Food

    Food Adventures is far beyond your ordinary food tour.

    Here are the Food Tour details:

    This Food Tour is in the Sacramento area.


    •  Starting Point for the Sacramento Food Tours TBA.
    • Tour Guide will escort your Team or Group up to five mouth-watering restaurants that are bomb dot com! 
    • You will meet chefs, owners and hear their stories.
    • We will Entertain you! 
    • We will share about some of the Sacramento Culture
    • You will get VIP Treatment!
    • We will have FUN
    • We go to 4 to 5 Restaurant and places.
    • All this is 2.5-3 hours!
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